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we bridge the boundries between leading edge research and professional practice; partner with a number of business schools and think-tanks

AMPLFY is an international leadership development consultancy delivering executive coaching and organizational change for companies, individuals, start ups and entrepreneurs. We are focused on helping businesses and individuals make more effective decisions and unfold their full potential in this fast changing global environment.

We believe a critical factor of success is the ability to find our true voice through identifying core strengths and passions. We work from a human centered design considering life balance for leaders an essential condition for professional achievement. Only once we understand ourselves and our true motivators can we raise the level and enhance significantly our performance. This elevation of awareness is a challenging but rewarding process where once begun we can truly shape our personal and professional destiny, to be finally heard as ourselves.

Multi disciplinary and multi lingual, our team has over 30 years experience of successfully impacting positive change on both individuals and companies across a broad range of industry sectors including financial services, professional services, sports management, hi tech, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and the public sector.

We bridge the boundaries between leading edge research and professional practice; partner with a number of business schools and think-tanks. Our consultants have researched, written and taught extensively to develop our practice.with our professional services being committed to one goal, the success of our clients

Privacy, responsiveness, competence, trust, and honesty are the driving principles in everything we do. We believe that a healthy workplace and a positive working environment are a condition to creating a higher commitment and achievement culture.

Individual Coaching

At AMPLFY we believe that you are the person best equipped to make the changes necessary to improve both your personal and professional life. Mahatma Gandhi famously stated that if we want to see change in our world we must first embody that change we want to see. Understanding the importance of ourselves in our environment and the impact both positively and negatively we have on ourselves is the first step to making long lasting, enduring and positive change.

We often speak about not bringing your work home with you but how much more positive would your everyday experience be if you were able to bring YOU to work? How much more powerful and productive would you be if you could find this balance? Each of us have natural unique skills that are valuable and essential to any organisation but do we often leave them at home, believing them to be unimportant? Learning what they are and how to harness and develop these strengths would mean a radical shift in the choices we make and their impact on our own world.

Emphasis has been growing on the importance of emotional intelligence and self awareness among successful people in both life and their professions. Searching for balance, being credible, adaptable and versatile are all new buzz words that were not perhaps something we learned in university but are essentiel to our success.

The workplace has become global and with that an ever greater need for understanding, cultural sensitivity and adaptability. The most successful individuals understand this and integrate it into every facet of their lives. AMPLFY offers a full suite of services to assist you in making this important breakthrough to get to your self, finding your voice, raising your game and being a more effective person, leader and professional.

Corporate Coaching

Facing a problem that is outside of your experience

In an increasingly completive marketplace, companies know that survival is based on having the right people, the ability to recognize and nurture talent and the need to foster a growth and achievement culture. At AMPLFY we have been on both sides of the table and understand that companies more than ever before need support in understanding how to do this. We provide the following services to our corporate clients.

Corporate Coaching International has forged its reputation as a recognized leader in the field of executive development. Our vision is simple: to facilitate significant and enduring change in the lives of those we’re privileged to serve by providing competent, courageous, compassionate and creative coaching.

Result Coaching

Results coaching is a customisable solution where the client has one definite goal in mind and needs to organize himself around that to achieve it. Often when setting up a new business or trying to move up or move out of your career there is an added push needed. We undertake to work with you to achieve that goal and offering the following supports and techniques.

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